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Introduction to Delhi Birthday Party Planner

What can be a more exciting event for your kids than their birthday? You would want that birthday party to be the best for your child. For that, you will surely be requiring an event planner for the birthday party. We are here to make that event last long in their memories. This is where we can help you!
Our company is one of the leading Birthday party planners in Delhi. We have been in the event management business for years and now ventured as an event planner for a birthday party. Our aim is to make your event the best one for as we know that things might end but memories last forever.

Why Do You Need A Birthday Party Planner in Delhi?

Now you must be thinking why there is a need for a party planner for a birthday. In events like this, there is so much hustle. You have to manage so many things and also enjoy the event. So to ease your workload, we are there for you.
Especially when it is a kid's birthday there are a lot of things that need to be dealt with, you require a birthday party planner. We assure you that we will take care of everything. Another benefit of having a birthday party planned by an event planner is that you can save a lot of money if you buy everything individually. As Party planners for birthdays, we can organize a better event in a lesser budget, while you receive all the time to create those valuable memories.
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Birthday Party Themes

A lot of birthday parties these days are based on the theme culture. All the decorations and food are according to that specific theme. So if you hire a professional birthday party planner they can give you ideas about unique birthday party themes. The most common themes for kids’ birthdays these days are Barbie-themed, animal, Lego, princess, superheroes, harry potter, emoji themed or ocean themed birthday parties. We make the decorations and cake according to the theme. Getting dressed up according to the unique birthday party theme makes the kids more excited. To add to their excitement we make goody bags of that theme as well.

 Along with that, you can know various kids’ birthday party ideas at home. You can have the same themed birthday party for your child but at your home. This can make it less hard on your pocket but still be a great birthday party.

Cherish Your Memorable Moments With Us

Our Service Locations

If you live in Delhi or the vicinity of Delhi then our company is the best one for you. We offer our services in many parts of Delhi and all of them are mentioned below:

Why Choose Us As Your Birthday Party Planner?

There are hundreds of birthday party planners in Delhi NCR then why would one choose us? The following are a few reasons:

  • We deliver our services in all parts of Delhi.
  • We can completely abide by your directions for the birthday party.
  • Experience in kids’ birthday party organization.
  • Our company is very affordable for all others in town.
  • We have the most professional team to do your work.

Due to all of these reasons we are the choice of many people and it makes us the top birthday party planners in Delhi NCR.

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Our Packages
✓ 200 Metallic Balloons
✓ Happy Birthday Foil Banner
✓ Ribbons
Note :- Colours of balloon is chosen by the customer.
✓ 100 Metallic Balloons
✓ Happy Birthday Foil Banner
✓ Ribbons
✓ 100 Heart Shape Balloons
Note :- Colours of balloon is chosen by the customer.
✓ 300 Metallic Balloons
✓ Happy Birthday Foil Banner
✓ 1 Big balloon filled with candy and confetti
✓ Party Popper
✓ Cake table decoration with balloons and ribbons
✓ Ribbons
Note :- Colours of balloon is chosen by the customer.
✓ 600 Total Metallic Balloons
✓ Happy Birthday foil Banner
✓ 1 Big Balloon with candy and confetti
✓ Entrance gate arch
✓ Cake table decor with balloons and ribbons
✓ 2 party popper
✓ Ribbons
Note - Colours of Balloons chosen by the customer
✓ 700 Total Metallic Balloons
✓ 4 Theme Based Cutouts
✓ Happy Birthday foil Banner
✓ 1 Big Balloon with candy and confetti
✓ Entrance gate arch
✓ Cake table decor with balloons and ribbons
✓ 2 party popper
✓ Ribbons
Note - Colours of Balloons chosen by the customer
✓ 1000 Total Metallic Balloons
✓ 6 Theme Based Cutouts
✓ 1 Backdrop as per Theme ( Size 10*8 )
✓ Happy Birthday foil Banner
✓ 1 Big Balloon with candy and confetti
✓ Entrance gate arch
✓ Cake table decor with balloons and ribbons
✓ 2 party popper
✓ Ribbons
Note - Colours of Balloons chosen by the customer

How To Plan a Birthday Party At Your Home?

If you don’t want to book a location outside of your house plan a birthday party at your home. We can provide you with the same services and decoration even at your house. All you need to do is to send the details of your requirements to our company and our team will come to your place to set up all the decorations. Even if you want a themed birthday party all of it will be done with finesse and perfection. Now you can surprise your loved ones and your kids by planning a birthday party at your home!

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Let’s have a look at what other people usually ask us. You might find the answer to any of your queries here.

How much does a party planner charge in Delhi for birthdays?

Usually, the rates for birthday parties depend on how much you want the decorations to be and what sort of party you are planning. The average birthday party planner’s cost depends on your requirements.

A standard birthday party is usually in the range of seven to ten thousand bucks in India and is much more convenient than planning everything by yourself.

How do you plan a birthday party for adults?

For an adult’s birthday party you don’t need to go too much of bling or splendor. Mostly adults like a small intimate party with their closed ones. The themes are also kept pretty subtle and you can plan a party by the beach with lanterns or other decorations. If you want to go a little extra you can invite to add a personal touch to it by doing something that has a meaning and significance in their life.

How do I plan a birthday party checklist?

For planning a birthday party checklist you should start jotting down points a month before the birthday. Write them down so that needs to be done first. First of all, choose a birthday theme, then decide your budget and plan decorations accordingly. Choose the venue, place cake’s order, and plan the guest list to send out invites. Now buy all the decorations and stock up and decide the food menu, and on the last day, prepare all the food, decorate, and party and you can also let party planners do the planning and the work!

How do I plan a simple birthday party?

For a simple birthday party keep one word in mind, GO MINIMALISTIC. Keep the theme simple and plan it at your house. Make a cake at home and some snacks. Keep your guest list as low as you can. Decorate on your own and send out handwritten invites.

What is the most popular birthday party theme for Girl and Boy?

The most popular birthday themes for girls are princess-themed birthday parties and for boys, it is superheroes or cars. However, nowadays various other themes are gender-neutral.

What are the services birthday party planners offer?

Birthday party planners offer a lot of services. All you have to do is select a theme and then select an event planner. You have to talk about how you want your birthday to be, your budget, and what you want. The rest is managed by birthday party planners. They order the cake, set up decorations, book the venue, and manage all the snacks and birthday activities if there are any, all according to your budget.

What are the benefits of hiring a birthday party planner in Delhi?

There are so many birthday locations and hustle in the city. You can miss out on any of the things. Hiring a birthday planner can help you get the best thing in the city. This way you can know what is in trend those days and you can analyze between different options. Delhi is a loud and crowded city, you can handover your work to us and we will brilliantly do it.

What qualities would you look for in a birthday party planner?

Things you should look for in a birthday party planner are as follows:

  • See if they are paying attention to details.
  • Professionalism is must-have.
  • Their excellent communication is what you should notice.
  • Good client reviews and testimonials is a plus point.

What services do you offer other than decoration?

Other than just event decoration we offer many other services. They are;

  • Event management
  • Event coordination
  • Theming
  • Conferencing
  • Planning exhibitions
  • Meet and greets
  • Venue sourcing

You just do balloon decor or do you also provide different art and craft decor for birth?

We do not do only balloon décor. There are several other decorations that we offer for childbirth. Ribbons décor, origami, paper lanterns, Japanese paper balloons, paper pinwheels, pom poms, Cardboard buntings, and confetti are the other decorations that we use for decors.

We need some entertainment stuff as well for kids, do you have some games and activities options for birthdays?

Surely there are many options for kids’ games and activities for birthday parties. Some of them are Bubble Wrap Race, passing the parcel, Photo Scavenger Hunt, Carrying lemon on the spoon, Balloon Bursts, Three-legged race, Hurdle race, Paper Boat Race, Pin the Tail on the piñata, Prize walk, Musical Chairs, Balloon Pop, and Simon says. These are most of the games that kids enjoy playing.

Do you provide a magic show?

Yes, we can surely arrange a magic show for kids’ birthday parties and it is mostly demanded by kids and keeps them thrilled all along with the party.

Do you provide an anchor or a host who can host the party as well as engage the crowd for the games?

If you want a properly hosted birthday party, kids, we have hosts who can host it very well. The host keeps the audience engaged by interacting with the guests.

Do you also provide a birthday photographer?

A birthday photographer also collaborates with our company. You can have them at lesser rates than usual market rates and they will capture your precious moments for you. They also offer entire event coverage if you want.

Do we need return gifts as well?

Return gifts are also provided by us in our many birthday planning packages. Typically themed goody bags for kids’ birthday parties are arranged for the guests.

Do you have venue options for 50 gatherings? a Birthday celebration?

Yes, we have venue options for a gathering of more than 50 people. In Delhi, the places mostly liked by people are, takamaka, headphones, big boyz lounge, 3 idiots, Ali baba caves reloaded, tippling street, decode air bar, and many places across the city.

We need a basic sound system or a DJ setup; do you offer that service also?

The music system is a part of our birthday or event packages and if you want a personal DJ we can hire one for you.

Do you do baby shower decor as well?

Yes, we do baby shower decors as well. Other than this you can also consult our company for bridal showers, gender reveals, or any other event management and decors.

Do you offer decor for a welcome baby get together celebration?

Yes, we do offer welcome baby get together with amazing pastel colors or basic pink and blue color decors.

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