What Are Best Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home ?

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Birthday parties at home have always been popular. They are a once-a-year occurrence, and we owe it to the day to honour it. If you want to make sure that everyone remembers the party for how wonderful it was, you’ll need to arrange many things in order before the party starts.

birthday-decorations-in-delhiApart from the typical considerations such as food and drink, there are several other factors to consider, such as decorations. Decorations can make or ruin a party’s mood. However, you need not worry. We’re here to help if you’re stuck on decoration ideas or need a little inspiration. 

Below are few cute and sassy birthday decoration ideas for girls and boys: 

How to select a Birthday party theme?

The appropriate theme should be selected considering the age and gender of the birthday’s host. Themes can be straightforward, such as two-colour coding or three décor pieces. Some fantastic themes for birthday decoration ideas for girls are Peppa Pig, Magical Mermaid Decor, and so on. Some age-based theme recommendations are

  • Barbie or Unicorn for girls and boys under the age of five, respectively. 
  • Marvel heroes, minions, and Arabian nights for children under the age of eight.
  • Items from Bollywood, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones for children under 12.

The design of the cake and other desserts must also be chosen based on the birthday party theme. After deciding on a theme, the next step in simple birthday decoration ideas at home is deciding what to utilise. These include appropriate decorative material, poppers, lights etc.

What are the necessities for a home-based birthday celebration?

To decorate a home for a birthday party, a few things must be purchased while considering the party’s theme, home décor, available space, birthday person’s age, budget, and other factors. Here are a few necessary items that you must include in your simple birthday decorations at home without balloons.

Birthday banners.

Birthday banners are the first component of simple birthday decoration ideas at home. Put up a simple Happy Birthday banner or go all out with more elaborate options that read things like Neha’s Sweet 16 or Dhruv’s Dirty Thirty – your unique idea décor will surely get you compliments.


Paper streamers and glitter streamers are excellent opportunities for adding a festive feel to your home decor. Party streamers may be hung in various fashions at home to create a simple yet attractive birthday décor. You may use block colours or a selection of complimentary tones to match the colour scheme of the celebration . 

Birthday pom-poms made of tissue.

Tissue paper pom-poms give a festive, colourful punch to any party decoration.. A garland may be strung from a wall, window, mantel, bookcase, stair rails, or even dessert tables to brighten up your space. Furthermore, to draw attention, mix and match the colours of tiny spherical pom-poms.

What are some creative birthday decoration ideas at home with balloons?

Balloon decoration is one of those ideas that never seems to go out of style. They are a great way to add a special touch to your birthday celebration! Balloons are the life of the party! They not only provide colour to birthday gatherings, but they also bring people together through balloon bursting games. Balloon birthday themes have long been popular since they are enjoyable and straightforward. Furthermore, youngsters enjoy balloons, particularly printed balloons, self-inflating metallic foil balloons, and self-standing cartoon figure balloons.

There are several different methods to arrange the balloons to meet your plan for the party decor:

  • To provide a festive backdrop, stick them to the wall. Alternatively, you might spell out “happy birthday,” the birthday person’s name, age, and so on.
  • For a fantastic effect, hang the balloons from the ceiling.
  • Make a bright garland by tying them to a ribbon.
  • Use these to decorate the birthday cake. How? Lollipop sticks and tiny balloons are a great combination. Put them anywhere you like on the cake.

Here are some more intriguing birthday decoration ideas at home with balloons:

  • Make caricatures of yourself. Draw charming characters of the visitors and the birthday person on the balloons with a permanent pen.
  • Make a picture memorial. Also, you can hang childhood photographs of the birthday boy/girl from the ribbons of helium balloons.

What are some unique wall decorations ideas?

When it comes to party design, the importance of walls cannot be overstated. Good wall decorations may transform an ordinary, dull space into one that is ideal for an indoor party. 

Let’s look at a few basic and imaginative ways to dress up a decent blank wall with simple birthday decorations at home without balloons.

  • Random decor.

It’s not all about balloons and paper ribbons on party walls. Even decorations with paper plates and ribbons look lovely when done with a lot of ingenuity and neatness. You may use clusters of different or similar items to design your walls. Moreover, a collection of paper flowers, paper quilling, craft objects, or even buttons and pearls can be included in your decor.

  • Tassels.

Tassels, whether in the shape of tassel garlands or metallic tassel drapes, may give your wall a unique touch. You can even get some new tassel earrings while throwing a grown-up girl’s birthday celebration. Clip these earrings to the party wall and tie a ribbon to it. You can tell the gals to unclip and take a pair of earrings with them as a return present from your party as they depart after the party.

  • Masking tapes.

Patterned masking tapes can be used to cover an entire wall or a section of a wall. Some popular patterns for multi-coloured masking tapes are polka dots, zigzag, and block prints.

  • Photographs and collage.

It’s always fun to reminisce. You may make a large collage using old pictures. Alternatively, you may also make garlands out of the photos and hang them with rice lights or fairy lights. 

  • Cupcake Arrangements.

Using coloured paper, cut out cupcakes and make garlands or wall hangings out of it. This is not only easy to make, but it’s also perfect for a birthday celebration.

How to Decorate a Birthday Party Table?

The table is one of the key focal points of a birthday party, where everyone gathers for the cake cutting ceremony. As a result, it appears to be retouched and quite well-decorated. It should be placed in the centre of the room/hall so that everyone can participate and catch the entire occasion.

It can be arranged in a variety of ways and decorated with a variety of items, such as:

  • Add several types of lovely tablecloths to improve its appeal.
  • Place a few salad plates, cookies, and mithais on top of it.
  • Don’t use too much crockery on the table.
  • Coloured glassware and gleaming plates are ideal for decorating a birthday feast at home.
  • Ice cubes, edible flowers, sculpted fruits, and many other things can be added.
How to wow your visitors by serving party-themed goodies?

A wonderful birthday party must include delicious food and cake.

  • To amaze the attendees, incorporate the party theme into the delicious delicacies you serve.
  • Place trays of tempting sweet and savoury morsels and nibble platters throughout the house to cater to each guest’s preferences.
  • Choose a buffet with a simple theme.
  • To add a celebratory touch, decorate it with an artful centrepiece. Also, don’t forget to use a lovely tablecloth.

Another option to add to the festive atmosphere is to style your drinks.

  • Serve drinks or lemonade with berries in mason jars or milk bottles with creative straws for a quirky flair.
  • To give the beverages a modern twist, use frozen fruits, flowers, or herbs instead of standard ice cubes.
  • Make your guests feel special by personalising the glassware with a tag tied around their neck or a sticker.

Flower Decoration

Flowers are a must for simple birthday decorations at home without balloons. With their fascinating textures and brilliant colours, fresh flowers quickly brighten the space. Fresh flowers and plants in the party space also add an organic and green touch that everyone will appreciate. There are many different colours and flowers to choose from and green foliage when it comes to floral walls, booths, and centrepieces. For an eye-catching birthday décor at home, use single colours or mix flowers with quirky accessories. Flowers such as marigold, tuberose, mogra etc., are a must for traditional birthday party themes.

Also, you may choose to decorate your party walls with vibrantly coloured paper flowers. You may purchase them at the market or also make them effortlessly at home. 

Lighting for a simple birthday celebration at home.

Lights give any area an excellent party feel and a sense of warmth. String lights may be used to create a lively atmosphere. It also looks wonderful if the lights are attached to the buffet table’s edges. Moreover, if you’re throwing an outdoor party, lanterns and mason jars are ideal.

Candles can be used to create the perfect ambience for the party. Their soft lighting instantly provides an intimate and pleasant party atmosphere, as well as hiding dust bunnies and a lack of other decorations. You may add extra illumination around tables and food areas by scattering candles of varying heights and sizes around your room.

Also, if the birthday party is at night, glow sticks are a great way to make it a memorable occasion. To add a fun twist to the party, scatter them about the home. Put light sticks in the balloons to make the experience even more fun.

What are some DIY creative ideas for birthday decor?

If you’re crafty, you may make some colourful birthday decorations at home as well. 

String lights and ping pong balls.

This is a simple way to spruce up those old Christmas lights strewn over the house. To do so, just cut a small hole in a ping pong ball and lay it over the string lights. And with this easy hack, modest string lights will become opulent. As a result, you may hang them on the wall, through the ceiling, or place them on the dining room table.

Centrepieces made of painted bottles.

Make table centrepieces that are as simple as they are beautiful with this DIY that transforms any spare jars into eye-catching décor. How? Paint the bottles with bright colours; you can even add your creative drawings on them in addition to the colours.

Paper Lanterns.

Paper lanterns hung from the ceiling can enhance the party’s ambience. They’re not only adorable but they can also be used as supplementary lighting if you use some of those battery-powered bulbs.

Dressing for Candles.

Make sure the birthday candles aren’t dull and empty. Decorate them with glitter and jewels for a brilliant flash of colour on the cake and a pleasant surprise for the honoree.

The Open Soda Stand.

Make a creative soda stand out of your cooler of beverages to add to the decor. Screw an eye hook onto the ends of two wooden dowels of the same length. Hang a paper banner between the two dowels and prop them up in a bucket full of ice and bottled drinks. This will allow everyone to know where to go for ice-cold beverages.

Moustache Straws. 

Have a good time with fake facial hair! These moustache drink toppers will bring a grin to your visitors’ faces.

Decoration Ideas for the house entrance.

When visitors come to the house, the main door/entrance is the first thing they see. It establishes the tone for the house’s décor. Decorate the home’s entryway in elegance by lighting it up and decorating it according to the theme. In addition, you can keep a couple of tall vases with flowers on each side of the door or use flowers and streamers to outline the entryway. But remember that the decor shouldn’t be too loud. It should also be delicate enough not to block door movement. 


Do you have a sense of inspiration? Have you found all you require for your birthday party decorations? While some are unquestionably easier to build than others, we hope this article has provided you with some fantastic ideas for birthday decoration that fit your preferences, as well as your available crafting time and abilities.

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